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Superior View of the Skull Base

Surgical Correlation


Superior view of the skull base. This view of the skull base demonstrates the occipital, temporal and sphenoid bones. The petrous portion of the temporal bone articulates in the posterior fossa with the occipital bone, and the squamosal portion of the temporal bone articulates with the sphenoid at the sphenosquamosal suture. The inferior clivus is formed by the basilar portion of the occipital bone, while the superior clivus is part of the posterior sphenoid bone. The sella turcica is entirely surrounded by other processes of the sphenoid bone: the dorsum sella and the tuberculum sella. The sphenoidal lingula is a process between the body and greater wing of the sphenoid along the posterior part of the lateral margin of the carotid groove. Foramina within the sphenoid, from posterolateral to anteromedial, include the foramen spinosum, foramen ovale, and foramen rotundum. (Image courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)