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Superficial Venous Drainage of the Cerebrum

Surgical Correlation


Superficial venous drainage of the cerebrum. The frontal and temporal lobes of the cerebrum have been mobilized and retracted from their respective anterior and middle cranial fossae. The tentorium cerebelli roofs the posterior fossa except at the tentorial notch which accommodates passage of the brainstem into this fossa. The superior Sylvian vein (or superficial middle cerebral vein) courses along the Sylvian fissure posteriorly. It drains cortical areas along the lateral sulcus and connects to the vein of Labbe (or inferior anastomotic vein). The latter is usually the largest venous channel on the lateral surface of the brain. It crosses the temporal lobe and empties into the transverse sinus. Posterior temporal and occipital basal veins drain adjacent cortex and empty into the transverse sinus. The transverse sinus is contained within the posterior attachment of the tentorium to the occipital bone, while the superior petrosal sinus is located at the attachment of the tentorium to the petrous ridge of the temporal bone. The temporalis muscle is seen in transverse view as it lays in the temporal fossa. (Image courtesy of M Nunez)