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Sphenoid and Palatine Bones

Surgical Correlation


The sphenoid and palatine bones, anterior view. The horizontal plate articulates in the midline with the contralateral one to form the posterior part of the hard palate and the maxillary crest. The perpendicular plate forms the medial wall of the pterygopalatine fossa and part of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity. The orbital and sphenoidal processes define the sphenopalatine notch. The sphenoidal process forms the anterior aspect of the pharyngeal orpalatosphenoidal canal, which grooves the pterygoid process. Note the location of the vidian canal, just medial to the palatosphenoidal canal. The pyramidal process forms the lower edge of the pterygopalatine fossa and is received into the angular interval between the medialand lateral pterygoid plates, or pterygoid notch. (Image courtesy of JC Fernandez-Miranda)

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