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Right Lateral View of Skull

Surgical Correlation


Right lateral view of skull. Windows have been created through the greater wing of the sphenoid and lateral aspect of the frontal bone to reveal interior spaces. The edge of the orbital part of the frontal bone separates the anterior fossa above from the orbit below. The opening through the posterior part of the greater wing exposes the middle fossa. The frontal bone joins the greater wing at the frontosphenoid suture and both of these bones articulate with the squamous part of the temporal bone. The zygomatic arch forms by union of the zygomatic process of the temporal bone and temporal process of the zygomatic bone. The zygomatic bone forms the lateral margin of the orbit and, in this view, presents the zygomaticofacial foramen for neurovasculature of the same name to the prominence of the cheek. In the midline, the frontal bone articulates with the narrow, paired nasal bones, which with the the anterior margins of the maxillae, form the bony boundaries of the anterior nasal or piriform aperture. The maxillary bone also forms the floor and inferior margin of the orbit. Just below the inferior orbital rim is the infraorbital foramen for the infraorbital neurovasculature to the lower eyelid, lateral nose, and upper lip. The medial wall of the orbit largely consists of the lacrimal bone and the thin orbital plate of the ethmoid. In this specimen, perforations of the latter reveal ethmoidal air cells. (Image courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)