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Posterior Perspective of the Fourth Ventricle and Brainstem

Surgical Correlation


Posterior Perspective of the Fourth Ventricle and Brainstem.  The cerebellum has been removed to demonstrate on the right side the tela choroidea and, on the left side, the floor of the IV ventricle.  The tela choroidea covers the inferior aspect of the fourth ventricle and extends superiorly as the roof. Perfusion of the choroid plexus by the posterior inferior cerebellar artery is observed through the Foramen of Luschka. The flocculus is observed superior to the foramen of Luschka. The striae medullares is a visible landmark in the floor of the fourth ventricle separating the vagal and hypoglossal trigones of the medulla, from the facial colliculus of the pons. (Image courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)