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Posterior Perspective of Cerebellum after Occipital Bone Removal

Surgical Correlation


Posterior Perspective of Cerebellum after Occipital Bone Removal. Grossly the cerebellum can be divided into the anterior, posterior, and flocculonodular lobes. The division between the anterior and posterior lobes of the cerebellum is the primary (preclival) fissure. The cerebellar hemispheres rostrally contain the quadrangular lobule which can be divided into the anterior and posterior portion by the preclival fissure. The superior posterior (postclival) fissure divides the posterior quadrangular lobule (also referred to as the simple lobule) from the superior semilunar lobe. The superior semilunar lobule is separated from the inferior semilunar lobule by the horizontal fissure. The gracile lobule is inferior to the inferior semilunar lobule, and the digastric lobule underneath that. (Image courtesy of M Nunez)

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