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Mid-Sagittal Perspective of Right Hemisphere, Brainstem, and Cerebellum

Surgical Correlation


Mid-Sagittal Perspective of Right Hemisphere, Brainstem, and Cerebellum. The mid-sagittal view of the cerebellar vermis provides a view of the cerebellar lobules. The anterior cerebral artery can be followed from its junction with the anterior communicating artery to its cortical branches.  The two main ACA branches, the callosomarginal and pericallosal, supply the medial surfaces of the frontal and parietal lobes, including the corpus callosum. The nasal mucosa anatomy is demonstrated. The deep cerebral venous anatomy is demonstrated in the midline. The superior sagittal sinus can be seen draining to the torcula posteriorly. (Image courtesy of M Nunez)

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