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Midsagittal Perspective of Right Hemisphere

Surgical Correlation


Midsagittal Perspective of Right Hemisphere. The corpus callosum is located superior to the lateral ventricle.  The body of the fornix is suspended from the midline septum pellucidum (removed in this preparation to reveal the lateral ventricle) and sweeps anteriorly and inferiorly before separating into a pre- (not clearly visible) and post-commissural (columns) component. The precommissural fornix terminates mainly in the septal nucleus while the postcommissural fornix projects to the mammillary body, located on the inferior surface of the posterior hypothalamus. The midline pineal gland is attached to the caudal thalamus by the pineal stalk and lies superior to the midbrain tectum. The internal cerebral vein courses superior to the pineal gland and drains into the cerebral vein of Galen. (Image courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)