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Magnified View of Deep White Matter Tracts Around the Globus Pallidus

Surgical Correlation


Magnified view of deep white matter tracts around the globus pallidus. The globus pallidus, the medial cell mass of the lentiform nucleus, is located at the center of the image. The internal capsule lies medial to the globus pallidus and merges dorsally with the massive, fan-shaped corona radiata.  The genu of the internal capsule, the point at which the posterior and anterior limbs of the internal capsule come together, is located approximately at the posterior border of the anterior commissure. The anterior commissure contains commissural fibers that reciprocally interconnect the middle and inferior temporal gyri.  The uncinate fasciculus, which connects the orbitofrontal cortices with the anterior temporal lobe, lies ventrolateral to the anterior limb of the internal capsule. The inferior occipitofrontal fasciculus connects the ipsilateral occipital and frontal lobes and lies just lateral to the uncinate fasciculus. The optic radiations emerge from the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus (located deep to this image) and course posteriorly through the temporal and parietal lobes to the primary visual cortex. (Image courtesy of PA Rubino)