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Lateral View of the Cavernous Sinus

Surgical Correlation


Lateral View of the Cavernous Sinus. The trifurcated meningohypophyseal trunk is well visualized at the dorsal aspect of the posterior curvature. The tentorial artery is directed posterolaterally going to the tentorial face. The dorsal meningeal artery has a posteroinferior and medial direction to go through the posterosuperior venous space. The inferior hypophyseal artery goes to the lateral part of the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland in an anteromedial way. The inferior artery of the cavernous sinus has its origin at the lateral wall of the ICA and is directed inferiorly. The ophthalmic artery has its origin in the intradural compartment as usually seen. 1, optic nerve; 2, ophthalmic artery; 3, distal dural ring; 4, clinoid segment of the ICA; 5, IVth nerve; 6, cavernous portion of the ICA; 7, meningohypophyseal trunk; 8, inferior hypophyseal artery; 9, dorsal meningeal artery; 10, tentorial artery; 11, ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve (V1); 12, sphenoid sinus; 13, V2; 14, V3; 15, petrous segment of the ICA. (Image courtesy of E de Oliveira)