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Inferomedial View of the Left Hemisphere With the Parieto-Occipital Artery Retracted

Surgical Correlation


Inferomedial view of the left hemisphere. The parieto-occipital artery is retracted inferiorly with a dissector to show the posterior pericallosal artery, which originates from the parieto-occipital artery. The posterior pericallosal artery travels along the corpus callosum sulcus until it anastomoses with the anterior pericallosal artery. 1, P2A segment; 2, posteromedial choroid artery; 3, common temporal artery; 4, P2P segment; 5, P3 segment; 6, parieto-occipital artery; 7, posterior pericallosal artery; 8, posteromedial choroid artery; 9, splenium; 10, body of the fornix; 11, foramen of Monro. (Image courtesy of E de Oliveira)