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Inferior Vermian and Hemispheric Cerebellar Anatomy

Surgical Correlation


Inferior Vermian and Hemispheric Cerebellar Anatomy. There are nine lobules of the cerebellar vermis: lingula, central lobule, culmen, clivus, folium, tuber, pyramid, uvula and nodule. The uvula is demonstrated here and is contiguous with the cerebellar tonsils laterally. The tela choroidea forms the inferior portion of the roof of the fourth ventricle.  Choroid plexus can be seen suspended on the undersurface of this semi-transparent membrane.  The tela has a midline opening, the Foramen of Monroe, at about the level of the obex through which CSF in the IV ventricle drains into the cisterna magna.   (Image courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)

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