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Inferior Perspective of Cerebellar Hemispheres and Vermis

Surgical Correlation


Inferior Perspective of Cerebellar Hemispheres and Vermis. There are nine lobules of the cerebellar vermis: lingula, central lobule, culmen, clivus, folium of the vermis, tuber, pyramid, uvula and nodule. The uvula, pyramid, tuber, and a small segment of the folium are demonstrated here. The tuber is contiguous bilaterally with the inferior semilunar lobules of the cerebellar hemispheres. The pyramid is contiguous with the biventral lobules of the hemisphere, while the uvula is contiguous with the cerebellar tonsils. The inferior medullary velum (tela choroidea) has been removed to demonstrate the floor of the fourth ventricle.  (Image courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)