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Dissection of the Inferolateral Aspect of the Temporal Lobe

Surgical Correlation


Dissection of the Inferolateral Aspect of the Temporal Lobe. Inferior view in another specimen after removal of the floor of the temporal horn and the thin layer of tapetal fibers that separate the radiation from the temporal horn. The visual pathways, from the optic chiasm to the posterior bundle of the optic radiation, have been exposed. Three bundles of the optic radiation are shown: an anterior bundle that loops forward just above the temporal horn before turning backward, a middle bundle that passes laterally from the lateral geniculate body above the temporal horn, and a third bundle that passes backward lateral to the atrium to reach the calcarine sulcus. The temporal pole was preserved to show the relationships between it and the optic radiation. The posterior part of the amygdala has been removed. The transsylvian approach of Yasargil et al. for amygdalohippocampectomy enters the temporal horn on the medial side of the anterior part of the optic radiation. (Image courtesy of E de Oliveira)