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Superolateral Perspective of Dissected Left Cerebral Hemisphere

Surgical Correlation


Superolateral Perspective of Dissected Left Cerebral Hemisphere. The fronto-parieto-occipito-temporal cortices have been dissected to permit visualization of deep cerebral structures. The lateral ventricle dominates the center area of the dissection and is bordered superiorly by the corpus callosum and the cingulum/cingulate gyri.  The lateral fissure of Sylvius has been dissected to expose the insular cortex within its medial wall, and deep to that is seen the lenticular nucleus. The optic radiation can be observed within the lateral wall of the atrium of the lateral ventricle.  On the medial surface of the brain can be seen the fornix, thalamus, and interventricular foramen of Monro. Extending from the head and body of the caudal nucleus are visible several short, stout bridges of gray matter that traverse the internal capsule to merge with the putamen of the lenticular nucleus. (Image courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)