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Coronal Perspective of Deep Nuclei

Surgical Correlation


Coronal Perspective of Deep Nuclei. A, A coronal cut at the level of the planum sphenoidale, just anterior to the head of the caudate nucleus has been made. 1, head of the caudate nucleus; 2, genu of the corpus callosum; 3, rostrum of the corpus callosum; 4, inferior continuation of the cingulate gyrus; 5, inferior continuation of the medial frontal gyrus; 6, lateral orbital gyrus; 7, posterior orbital gyrus; 8, medial orbital gyrus; 9, rectus gyrus and the olfactory tract. The superior rostral sulcus is located between the 4 and 5, and the inferior rostral sulcus is located between the 5 and 9. The posteromedial limb of the orbital sulcus is located between the 7 and 8. The olfactory sulcus is located superiorly to the olfactory tract. B, 1, transverse gyrus of Eberstaller; 2, posteromedial orbital lobule. C, Coronal cut performed at the level of the optic chiasm (at the anterior perforated substance). 1, caudate nucleus; 2, thalamus, choroidal fissure, and thalamostriate vein; 3, internal capsule, transition between the anterior limb and the genu; 4, foramen of Monro and column of fornix; 5, putamen; 6, globus pallidus; 7, lamina terminalis and hypothalamus; 8, optic chiasm. Asterisk, anterior commissure. (Images courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)

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