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Basal Surface of the Brain

Surgical Correlation


Basal surface of the brain. The right temporal pole and opercula were dissected to expose the Sylvian fissure. The hippocampus’s head, fimbria, and dentate gyri were dissected to expose the inferior choroidal point, the posterior cerebral artery and its ventricular branches. The amygdala is anterior and superior to the hippocampal head and is the anterior and superior limit of the temporal horn. The temporal lobe connects with the frontal lobe anterolaterally along the limen insulae and anteromedially with the globus pallidus through the superior aspect of the amygdala. 1, Limen insulae; 2, amygdala; 3, hippocampus head; 4, M1 segment; 5, optic nerve; 6, optic tract; 7, posterior communicating artery; 8, A1 segment; 9, P1 segment; 10, anterior choroidal artery; 11, P2A segment; 12, anterior temporal artery; 13, P2P segment; 14, P3 segment; 15, P4 segment; 16, temporal horn; 17, posterolateral choroidal artery; 18, hippocampal artery; 19, choroid plexus glomus; 20, occipital horn; 21, calcar avis; 22, calcarine artery; 23, parieto-occipital artery; 24, splenial arteries. (Image courtesy of E de Oliveira)