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Association Fibers of the Cerebral Hemisphere, Lateral View

Surgical Correlation


Association fibers of the cerebral hemisphere, lateral view. The arcuate fasciculus is a substantial white matter bundle that interconnects Broca’s language area in the inferior frontal lobe and Wernicke’s language area in the caudal temporal lobe.  The superior longitudinal fasciculus is located slightly dorsal to the arcuate fasciculus and interconnects the posterior parietal cortex with the frontal cortex.  The uncinate fasciculus interconnects the orbitofrontal cortex with the anterior temporal lobe. The inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus runs from the occipital lobe, through the temporal lobe, to the frontal lobe.  The corona radiata is a massive, vertically-oriented, fan-shaped fiber bundle located lateral to the lateral ventricle; it connects the cerebral cortex with deep cortical nuclei and subcortical structures such as the thalamus, brainstem and spinal cord.  The corona radiata is continous dorsally with the centrum semiovale and continuous inferiorly witrh the internal capsule. (Image courtesy of AL Rhoton, Jr.)