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Anterior Oblique View of Axis Vertebra

Surgical Correlation


Anterior oblique view of axis vertebra. The second cervical vertebra, like the first, is named. It is the axis. It articulates with the atlas (C1; atlantoaxial joint) and provides for about 60 degrees of axial rotation of the head on the cervical spine. This single vertebra in this image shows the body and the dens or odontoid process projecting superiorly from the body. The dens articulates with the anterior arch of the atlas and is held in place by the strong transverse ligament of the atlas. The first cervical disc is interposed between the body of the axis and the body of the C3 vertebra. Lateral to the body are the transverse processes that contain transverse foramina for passage of the vertebral arteries. (Image courtesy of PA Rubino)