Trigeminal Neuralgia: Patient Interview

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Several years ago, I started having some very shooting pain kinds of episodes that seemed to be focused here behind my right eye. Never seemed to travel to other areas of my face really, but it was always kind of a center there. The pain would tend to, like, I could tell it was kind of radiating or shooting up my forehead toward my temple and I would also feel it in some of my upper right jaw area, down into the teeth. I think it may have actually got initially been triggered combination of the bump to the head that I took many years ago and then also some dental work that was being done up here in my upper upper jaw area. And it seemed like, kind of what's been described to me was that basically made the nerves irritated and unhappy to where now it's kind of an ongoing issue. We've tried a couple of different types of drug therapies. Initially, some Neurontin did seem to help relieve some of the pain and I was on that for a couple of years, but it eventually just kind of lost effectiveness. So I switched to Lyrica as a treatment. That worked for about a year and a half and then my neurologist at the time suggested that I stop that treatment just to see if I still needed it and after a week of being lost to Lyrica, I wasn't having any symptoms. So I stayed off of that even for a couple of years. But now as I go through a season of having like a head cold or some kind of a further irritation in my nasal passages, well, that seems to again, irritate those nerves and I have those sharp pain episodes again. So right now it seems like, if I'm like taking my shower in the morning, I have to be kind of careful when shampooing the upper right area or it'll set off a spasm. Also when drying my hair with the towel, I've got to be a little bit gentle, especially on that upper right side or it'll trigger the pain. Trying to maybe get a speck of dirt out of my eye. If I kind of do that too quickly and get a little too vigorous and trying to get the speck of dirt or whatever it is out of my eye, well, that'll set off the shooting pain or if I have a very congested nose, well, I have to be pretty careful about blowing my nose too hard or it'll also set off the pain. So I'm really ready to see if I can find some relief.

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