The Introduction to the Use of OR Microscope: Interview Free

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen. And thank you for joining us. My name is Aaron Cohen. The following videos describe the techniques and nuances for using the operating microscope efficiently and maximizing its potential. The operating microscope is the most intimate companion of the neurosurgeon during microsurgery. This device should not be an obstacle between the surgeon and the operative field, but rather a symbiotic and visible partner, just like a pair of glasses so that the surgeon can see the operative field stereoscopically, well-illuminated, and at the appropriate level of magnification. At least 10,000 hours of microsurgery are required for the surgeon to acquire the appropriate skills to use the microscope effectively and maximize its potential. Aneurysm and AVM surgery test the strength and the symbiotic relationship between the surgeon and the microscope. During difficult times of the surgery, such as an intraoperative rupture, the use of the mouth switch and other technologies are quite effective to relieve the hands of the surgeon so that the surgeon can decisively and immediately respond to the critical moments during the surgery. In addition, using the mouth switch and appropriate level of the magnification, the surgeon can avoid fixed retractors and use dynamic retraction to operate within very small operative fields. Ultimately, the microscope is quite effective, but its use requires significant amount of practice. And I hope that the following videos provide additional information that can be useful for those who want to use this device. Thank you.

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