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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Neurosurgical Atlas. My name is Aaron Cohen. Led my passion for achieving and striving for technical excellence, the idea of Neurosurgical Atlas was born over a decade ago when I was a junior in neurosurgeon. I've always believed in operative neurosurgery as a dynamic art with certain craft and finesse. Certain principles have been consistent themes throughout my career. All the lethargic exploratory movements have been replaced by deliberate, well-planned, decisive maneuvers to minimize the operative time. There have been three important principles specifically that have led to improvement of my methods during surgery. Number one, a very strong self-criticism to review every video of the surgery after the fact and perform the next surgery more effectively. Next, continue to challenge myself with more difficult operations while remaining very innovative. This leads us to the third principle, that is the innovative spirit of the surgeon is one of the most important factor to abandon the dogma and allow the use of operative angles, for example, in place of operative space, in order to preserve normal cerebrovascular structures and perform the operation more effectively and safely. These principles will be emphasized during the following videos and contents in each chapter of the Atlas. I hope you enjoy the following contents and we will look forward to your feedback. Thank you.

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