Placement of the Pins (Skull Clamp) Free

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Let's discuss placement of the pins of the skullclamp for a traditional triennial craniotomy. For the placement of the clamp, I initially rest the head of the patient on a flat surface on the head of the table. The two pins are implanted along the superior temporal line contralaterally, and a single pin is implanted just behind the ear ipsilaterally. This patient is undergoing a left-sided triennial craniotomy. This configuration of skullclamp placement provides ample amount of space ipsilaterally without interference of the pins with the operative field. Let's review some of the details here again. You can see the clamp is somewhat tilted to allow for such a configuration of clamp placement. Obviously the ears are protected from the pins. Sixty pounds of weight is used for patients under general anesthesia, and another view demonstrates the location of this single pin. Thank you.

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