Orbitozygomatic Osteotomy: Bone work

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This video describes performance of orbitozygolmatic osteotomy, and the bone work. Here's the skull, the outline of the orbitozygomatic craniotomy is marked. A keyhole is also localized. The initial burr hole is placed a few millimeters above the frontozygomatic suture, and a few millimeters behind the vertical line through this suture. The roof of the orbit, the periorbital and the frontal dura is exposed. Next, the craniotomy is completed. The footplate is advanced until it hits the orbital rim. Next, the drill is turned forward. The foot place is backed out. Asterion is also drilled away. The roof of the orbit is also disconnected. Another osteotomy is completed along the frontal process zygoma. Pony cut connects the osteotomy across the frontal process zygoma to the area of the asterion. And osteotomy is used within the keyhole to disconnect their orbital roof. The one piece modified orbitozygomatic bone flap is removed. Part of the orbital roof may also resect it for more expanded trajectory toward the parasellar space after dural opening, thank you.

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