Nuances of Maintaining Microscope Balance Free

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There are certain important nuances involved in maintaining the scope balance during the surgery. These nuances can often be overlooked, and therefore are reviewed here. This scope was initially balanced. In the position demonstrated, you can see both the oculars of the operating surgeon as well as the oculars of the co-observer are not in the final position that will be used during a surgery, although the scope is nicely balanced. After the co-observer moves the arm in the final position that he or she will be looking through and after the surgeon moves his or her oculars in the final position, you can see this scope is completely out of balance. Therefore, the final position of both the surgeon's oculars and the co-observer should be determined before the scope is balanced. This important nuance will prevent significant imbalance of the microscope.


Teuddis J Bernard

These subtle nuances are often overlooked, but when taken into account, the performance of microsurgery becomes much more rewarding.

Thank you once again, Dr. Cohen, for your insight.

Oct 2, 2018 10:51 AM

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