Geniculate Neuralgia: Diagnosis

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- [Dr. Cohen] Can you please tell us about your pain?

- [Patient] The pain I have is very intense, worst pain of my life, 10 out of 10 on a pain scale. It would feel like I was being stabbed in the head with an ice pick or a sharp object right at the ear canal. It would come and go. The pain would be intense for a few seconds, go away, come back within a minute or two. I would have periods of remission where I wouldn't have any symptoms at all, and then for a day or two I would feel like I was being stabbed a hundred times a day. It was terrible. And the wind from the air conditioning turning on, I could feel the light breeze from the air conditioner on my ear and that would trigger a pain episode. To the point where I would try to avoid being around places where air conditioning or windows were open, just to try to prevent being around a breeze.

- [Dr. Cohen] Okay, can you tell us where exactly the pain was again?

- [Patient] The pain was right near the ear canal. It felt like I was either being stabbed in the ear deeply or deeply through the area directly around the opening of the ear canal.

- [Dr. Cohen] Okay. Thank you.

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