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Adjustment of Oculars


Let's go ahead and talk about another technology of the Zeiss microscope, namely the adjustment of the eyepieces, in order to keep the image, both for the surgeon, and the video recording device, in a very sharp focus. Let's go ahead and review the components of the eyepiece here. One is actually the eye cap, that I'm rotating here. This eye cap is configured so that the eye of the surgeon is maintained about 20 millimeters away from the surface of the ocular. And the second ring is actually the diopter setting ring that adjusts the image and to focus. So for those specifically that are not wearing their glasses, the image can be exactly in focus. In other words, the diopter setting ring acts almost like your pair of glasses, and makes sure, as a replacement, you can keep the image exactly in focus. Here, you can see those adjustments. Here's the diopter setting ring. I'm going to review one more time, the setting of the diopter setting ring, as you can see here, usually for those or wearing their glasses, the diopter setting ring is at zero. However, this ring can be adjusted further, based on the individual eye of the surgeon, who is not wearing his or her glasses, so that the diopter ring can replace the function that those glasses perform. Finally, both eye caps should be kept at the same coronal plane. Thank you.

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